Special zinc coat

  • A highly corrosion-resistant Shot blasting coated steel sheet that has a coating layer of zinc
  • Coating film is formed with mechanical impact force, it has extremely high adhesive property
  • It is extremely durable against bending and impact resistance
  • It has an anchoring effect and has excellent adhesion to a coating
  • Do not cause hydrogen embrittlement
  • It does not contain harmful chromium(+6)

Applicable meterials

All Metals

Applicable parts

Heat exchange piping fastening parts, incinerator parts, flue gas desulfurization plant, boiler pats, engine parts, other heat resistance and anti corrosive parts.

Applicable size

CW*D*H -> 7m x 600mm x 200mm

Minimum diameter -> 10mm

Max weight -> 40 kg

Corrosion resistance (salt spray test exceeding 720 hrs)