• Heat resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Stable fastening
  • Created by combining base treatment technology with a uniquely developed ceramic process for inorganic polymer, TAKECOAT-CERAMIC1 provides powerful heat resistance and long-term durability. The inorganic, heat-resistant resin film is extremely thin, between 20 and 30 μm, and because TAKECOAT-CERAMIC1 has lubricant properties, it does not catch on screws and so provides favorable performance during fastening.

Applicable meterials

All Metals

Applicable parts

Heat exchange piping fastening parts, incinerator parts, flue gas desulfurization plant, boiler pats, engine parts, other heat resistance and anti corrosive parts.

Applicable size

CW*D*H -> 500mm x 600mm x 200mm

Minimum diameter -> 10mm

Max weight -> 40 kg

Cross structures of TAKECOAT-1000


Outstanding high heat resistance Heat exceeding 450˚C 10,000 hours

Heat-cold resistance (thermal shock) +450 heating to water cooling 100cycles

Salt spray test exceeding 3,000 hours.


Easy fastening control

low and stable torque coefficient (torque coefficient = 0.12)