• World’s first CNT dispersed paint system
  • Highest Abrasion resistance
  • Highest Impact resistance
  • Highest Bending resistance
  • Highest Film hardness
  • Highest Lubrication
  • Highest Anti corrosion
  • Super hydrophobic first
  • Nanotect® uses a special grafting technology to uniformly compound high-density carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to organic polymer, creating a surface with the reciprocal physical properties of coating strength and ductility greatly amplified for the organic polymer. This improvement provides resistance to impact and shearing, protects the organic polymer against wear and provides lubrication.

Applicable materials

All Metals

Applicable size

CW*D*H -> 500mm x 600mm x 200mm

Minimum diameter -> 10mm

Max weight -> 40 kg

High Durability

Impact Resistance

Highest impact resistance by 16 times

Abrasion Resistance

PTFE coated


Abrasion Resistance (Cross cut + impact)

Bending Resistance(Cross cut + bending)

Hardness test

High Anti corrosion resistance